• Vintage Shrewd - Going Big, Not Home


    Shrewd has been many years in the making, and after an extended hiatus, Nicky is finally back with us, getting involved and helping to make things happen. The future is exciting, and our future is big!


    We are literally going big this year. Don't get us wrong, Shrewd is awesome as it is (at least we think so), but we also think it could be so much more. We are not content with a stress free life. As well as planning Nicky's wedding (June - it's so close - imagine some very scared faces), we are also giving Shrewd a bit of an online facelift, not that we're calling Shrewd old or anything!


    Starting today, it's all going to get a tad more exciting. Imagine a world full of monthly competitions (winning a £20 gift voucher during the pre-payday draught? Yes please), new items on the website on a regular basis, weekly blog posts, full of inspiration, items of the month, shopping guides and other things we like and love.


    ...and it can only get better from there! Onwards and upwards! Is there anything you would like to see more off? Drop us a line, and join us on our exciting journey!




    Barry's Babies have hatched!

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