• Easter Competition and Opening Times

    It's almost Easter, everyone loves a long weekend and we have sunshine (yay) which is pretty exciting.

    Over Easter we will only be open on Saturday from 10 – 6.

    Sadly, we're only half way to payday (boo), so to cheer everyone up Shrewd is doing a little Twitter competition! All you have to do is follow us on Twitter (@VintageShrewd) and tell us in the 140 characters available to you who your Favourite Vintage Icon is and why (no essay required). Easy peasy. On Monday, when everyone is recovering from their Easter shenanigans, and is mourning the end of a long weekend, we will announce the winner. What can you win? A £20 Shrewd gift voucher for you to spend at your leisure, don't say we don't give you anything. Get tweeting!!!X
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