• Vintage vs Reproduction


    Vintage is big business these days. Vintage shops are popping up all over the place, some good, some merely more than second-hand. People are picking their favourite era and going with it. It certainly makes life more entertaining and more stylish.

    Alongside all the vintage goods that can be found, reproduction is just as big. Here at Shrewd, we don’t sell reproduction, our stuff is all original from times long gone, but that doesn’t mean reproduction is bad, we are no snobs, and I regularly wear reproduction. Why? Well, not being a size 8 can sometimes hinder a hunt for an original, and though I love vintage, my style is vintage 50s with a hint of punk, rock’n’roll and tattoos. Hence reproduction.

    I’m getting married in less than two months (queue terror at not being prepared) and we’re having a mini festival full of 50s style, tattoos and beards. Though an original 50s dress would’ve been amazing, reproduction is easier to find and made exactly how I want it. Of course I can’t share the dress with you until the big day, I can’t risk the husband to be seeing it, but it is beautiful, it looks vintage though it isn’t. Sometimes that is the solution.

    What we’re saying is this – both are great, both have their place, but if its true vintage, an item of clothing, an accessory or homeware you’re after, something that comes with a history of its own – then we can help.


    Nicky x

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