• After The Wedding!

    We have been quiet recently, very, very quiet, but for good reason - Nicky got
    married a few weeks ago. Unfortunately this has meant a lot of things have taken a
    bit of a backseat, including real life. 
    Now the wedding is over we're both glad (let's face it - weddings are stressful) and
    are also suffering from a bout of wedding blues - we organise one hell of a wedding
    but let's not do that again! 
    What better way to get over said blues than to throw ourselves straight back into
    making Shrewd even more awesome. As we said before "Go big or go home", and
    we have no interest of heading home (except for some much needed beauty sleep after a
    day of "going big").
    This means our blog posts will become regular again, full of our musings and pictures
    of some of the nice things we have in the shop.
    It also means the revival of KnotShrewd - our in house brand of reworked vintage
    pieces, as well as some additions. Being somewhat removed from your normal bride and
    mother of the bride - we've had some ideas based on things we had to make ourselves
    and things we struggled to find. 
    It's all go go go over here, and we're being busy bees over here at Shrewd.
    If there's anything you would like to see on our blog, let us know! In the meantime,
    make sure to find us on Twitter and Facebook and keep your eyes peeled for our next
    competition coming up soon!
    Vintage Shrewd xxx
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