• We're Doing Our Bit For Charity

    Every once in a while, a charity is close to our hearts, and now is one of those times.

    A few months ago, a very dear friend of Nicky's was diagnosed with Crohn's, a very difficult and often painful illness that at this moment in time has no cure. Nicky and her friend Grace decided a while ago to partake in what they dubbed "The Weekend of Doom" - a 5k Zombie run on the 1st November, followed by an 8k Obstacle course the very next day. Though originally this was just for fun, they have now decided to try and raise money for Crohn's and Coalitis UK, to support all of those affected by the illness, but more specifically their beautiful friend JeffJeff (clearly a nickname).

    Of course, Shrewd is getting involved. For this week, 10% of our takings will be donated to Nicky and Grace's fundraising efforts. If your in need of some vintage love, now is the time, you can even feel good about helping a fantastic cause, what more could you want?


    If you want to find out more, or even donate a little extra, feel free to visit their page at


    As of this week, we will also be opening on Sundays, so between 11am and 3pm, you have even more time to get your vintage needs fulfilled, 7 days a week!



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