• Vintage what does it mean to you?



     There are so many different views of vintage. The definition of vintage to me is an item that has a history or past , it could have been owned and worn by many people with varying back grounds the clothing always has a story to tell .


    The correct definition of vintage is “the time that something of quality was produced”.

    For me the 40’s was the best era of fashion. The colors and prints were just one of a kind.

    Having been doing work experience in Shrewd, I have learn't a lot about vintage clothing. Being in a working environment can be strange but Shrewd made it very enjoyable for me. Shrewd to me is a quirky and vibrant. The shop in its self is so upbeat and welcoming. It’s all about the little things, whilst working in the shop I’d find different things like pairs of shoes, hats and silk handkerchiefs. For me the little things just add to the whole atmosphere vintage atmosphere of the shop.

    When designing these windows displays I used the theme of festivals and summer. I feel like this is vintage made modern to fit with the developing world.




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