• A True Story and the Number 12

    It all started in February 2004, Nicky Sefke aka Mrs Doom was ploughing through eBay looking for those hidden treasures when she stumbled across a job lot of 6000 (yes six thousand) pairs of second hand shoes. These were being sold by a rag and bone man up in Lincolnshire. The two of us had been looking for something new and interesting to do and immediately jumped at the idea of selling these individually on eBay for a profit.


    Without really being able to visualize the actual volume of 6000s pairs of shoes we hired a Luton van and drove up to Skegness with £2000 pounds of cash in our jeans pockets. It wasn’t an easy decision to part with our money but nothing ventured nothing gained and so we packed the lot into the van. It was the perfect fit not a single shoe more would have fitted into the van and we drove back to Surrey in the most horrid of snow storms nearly not making it across the Dartford bridge.


    Very professionally we sorted, cleaned, photographed and uploaded the shoes pair by pair onto eBay only to discover that this idea was not really going to work in a reasonable time scale. So never ones to give up on a challenge on March 12th we rented a shop in Dorking for 3 months, bought some old tables and shelves from an auction and within a week had created a second hand shoe shop which we called Shrewd (the name is a whole new story).


    Bit by bit we started adding second hand clothes to our selection and then it became apparent that actually vintage clothes and shoes were the way forward. We have had several moves since those first days and now after 12 years we can proudly say that we are well established and known. There have been articles about us not only in local newspapers and magazines but also in the Saturday Telegraph and British Vogue put us on their list of 100 Best Shops outside of London.


    And of course we are proud to have opened Mr and Mrs Doom, our shop in Edinburgh last May. An independent business supporting independent home-grown brands - vintage, reproduction, hand-crafted, streetwear.


    12 years we think is a reason for celebration so keep the 12th of March 2016 earmarked and we will keep you informed of our plans.


    Thank you for all your support.

    Nicky and Sonja



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