About Us

Shrewd came about more by accident than planning. One day, in the midst of what was no doubt a shopping frenzy, Nicky spotted a job lot of shoes for sale. 6000 pairs to be exact. Somehow, this seemed like a good idea. A drive up north, a crazy amount of sacks filled with more shoes one could wish for, and the realisation of what they had done, and Shrewd was born. 


What started as an outlet to rid ourselves of the thousands of pairs of shoes, has, after a few location changes, become a treasure trove across two floors, where vintage lovers and fashionistas alike can find anything from the more glamourous decades, including jewellery, furs and tights complete in their original packaging. Every budget can find a gem, and we're proud to have been listed as one of the Top 100 shops outside of London by Vogue. 


Sonja is the stylish face of our lovely little shop, but with a new European shop on the cards, you may be able to spot Nicky, no doubt searching for lovely things to take home, at Shrewd, integrating a bit of rockabilly. 


Why not come and pay us a visit, have a rummage and a chat, and get a bit of vintage goodness in your life.